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Healing Emotional Wounds - I See "The What," But Where's "The How"?

Do you now see what you have been doing wrong and what you should do in the future? But, how will that happen? How can you change?

In healing emotional wounds, change is the operative word. Without a plan of action to generate change, you will put this down and continue to be what you have always been. A desire to “try harder” will not be enough. Let’s lay out a plan that will make selflessness a reality in your life, a plan that will know no more “hurt feelings.” The problem is love. You have very little of it for others and too much for yourself. This is where you must start.
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How to Heal Hurt Feelings 4

Make a list of every major “significant other” in your life, husband, wife, brother, sister, mother-in-law, manager at work, and friend at church. Don’t miss anyone. Now under their names, list 50+ ways that you can show love to them. Do not use any generalities. Do not say something like “I will be more considerate.” Instead list 10 illustrations on what being “more considerate” would look like. Do this until your list is full.

Now take a daily planner or a piece of paper with the days of the week on it, and begin to write down in your daily planner what you did each day from this master list. Do 3 to 5 things from your list every day. Do this faithfully for 40 days. In being consumed with demonstrating love for others, you will have little time to feel sorry for yourself and get your “feelings hurt.” After 40 days of attention to the requirements of denying self and loving others, you will find that you have a very solid foundation in building a new and godly habit in your life.

In doing this, your “hurt feelings” will become a thing of the past. You will honor God in selflessly loving others, and your testimony will honor God as well.

Terry was a very depressed lady. No one liked her, not even her family. She was confused and wanted help.

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The help she was given was the homework assignment above. In two weeks her life had turned around. She was getting along well with her husband. Even her teenage son who would have nothing to do with her was responding with affection. And going to work was no longer a chore; she was making friends! And all because she was willing act like a servant and to esteem others better then herself (Philippians 2:3). It is amazing how practical the Bible is.